Welcome to the home of the AMED community

Here you will find information about AMED activities past and present, the AMED Writers’ Group and the archive of the AMED journal, Organisations & People. 

Origin and purpose

The Association for Management Education and Development, originating in the 1960s as the Association for Teachers of Management (ATM), is a forum for people with a passion for learning, organisations and writing.  You can find more on our history here.

We value innovation, sharing, support and challenge in the search for more effective ways of communication, decision-making and working together. 

Our publications

Our online archive includes some scanned editions of the printed journal from 2008 and previous years as well as the complete set of e-O&P.  We are committed to open access and our publications are available free of charge. 

A complete set of printed editions of both Organisations & People and also MEAD (Management Education & Development – the ATM journal) is available for reference by visitors to the British Library. 

Some printed editions are held by former AMED Council chair, Ned Seabrook. 

More details on our archive here

Many AMED authors have been published by Triarchy Press with whom we have enjoyed a close, collaborative relationship over many years.

AMED Writers’ Group

The group is open to anyone who is interested in the development of people and organisations through writing.  We meet regularly in person and via Zoom.  Details of meetings are published here.  (3) 

You can subscribe to receive alerts about all AMED activities by email. 

The Coaching and Mentoring Network (CMN)

If you were a member of AMED prior to August 31 2022 you can access a free subscription to The Coaching and Mentoring Network (CMN), for one full year.

This will provide you with:

  • the same insurance discount at Howden that members of AMED* accessed prior to August 31st, 2022.  Current rates available here.
  • registration on the CMN matching/referral for subscribers who are interested in promoting their services or developing professional peer relationships [supervision/critical friendship].
  • access to CMN CPD events.

Historical AMED members who choose to subscribe to the CMN will also receive a 50% discount on their annual fee for following years.  (Current full price is £49 incl VAT).  All subscribers of the CMN will also continue to be welcomed within the AMED community.


Early days

Tom Boydell offers “some personal glimpses and reflections to give a flavour of what ATM/AMED was like” in the 1970s, in his article ‘Fifty years on’ for the Autumn/Winter 2020 edition of e-O&P. 

In the 1990s and 2000s

As organisations rethought their ‘core business’ and discovered  ‘outsourcing’, learning and development functions were wound down, much of the AMED membership became self-employed and the balance between academics, employed practitioners and independent consultants was distrubed. 

Membership declined slowly and then rapidly.  Heroic efforts by the treasurers of the day recovered some stability from a position of significant financial disarray.  In the Summer 2009 edition, ‘Change on a shoestring’ you can read about the reflections of the then AMED Council, considering how to keep the journal going without the funds to print and distribute it. 

Keeping the ember glowing

In September 2016, council gave itself five years to find new energy for the leadership of AMED or to wind up our affairs in good order … and here we are in 2022.  You can see some of the results of our work in AMED 2020: What do you see? (Autumn/ Winter 2017), and ‘AMED 2020 and beyond’ (Spring/Summer 2020) which includes Bob MacKenzie’s reflections on the past 20 years in ‘In transition with AMED’. 

Wrapping up in good order

By the EGM of May 2022, new sources with sufficient energy to sustain the association in its existing form had not come forward, so AMED’s legal status as a charity and company limited by guarantee ended on 31 August 2022.  On the bright side, we are pleased to have found a new home alongside the Coaching and Mentoring Network for our archives and for a point of contact for the AMED community to remain in touch. 

Links with the Coaching and Mentoring Network

Lauriate Ltd has kindly offered to take on the role of caretaker and curator of the AMED logos and archives and Council have been pleased to accept.  Pauline Willis, a director and owner of Lauriate Ltd is a co-founder of The CMN and a guest editor of two issues of e-O&P in Winter 2014 and Spring 2015.  The Coaching & Mentoring Network has had a relationship with AMED since AMED hosted the first Coaching & Mentoring Conferences at Whyboston Lakes, Cambridge in 1999/2000. 

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