Organisations & People (O&P) journal unlocked!

Photo by Nick Rawle

Past, present, and future editions of Organisations & People (O&P), together with a new website, are now completely free, and much easier to access, from September 1st.

This resource, formerly behind a paywall, provides insights that make sense of key trends impacting on people, such as consultants, systems developers, coaches, mentors, and leaders, who deliver development solutions.

Conversations around key issues and topics sit at the heart of O&P’s production process, along with opportunities to develop ideas through critical friendships and gatherings.

An ‘organic’ publication schedule around the emergence of issues enables an agile approach for tapping into current trends. This keeps the community informed, and provides support and exploration when there is a nexus or tipping point.

This unique publication is an interdisciplinary hub for everyone with a passion for development and what that means for individuals, teams, and organisations. Contact for editorial enquiries