AMED 2020 What do you see?

Welcome to e-O&P Autumn/Winter 2017 in which we are asking everyone:

  • What have you loved about AMED? 
  • What lies ahead for us? 
  • How shall we move into the future?

Our Appreciative Inquiry will roll on over the next three years enabling AMED and its journal to evolve along with the communities of which we are a part.  Please keep returning for new content as the edition emerges and evolves.

For a start, we have collected some views from old and new friends and invite you to add your own.  

  • From Council, Ned Seabrook, current chair, has been campaigning for wider recognition of AMED’s contribution to enhancing careers and Bob Mackenzie anticipates “nimble, flexible, temporary alliances and partnerships with other like-minded networks”
  • Rob Warwick, long-term supporter and occasional journal editor, prefers to emphasise interdependence, and asks about CPD (continuing professional development) and technology.
  • Belina Raffy on Sustainable Standup and Penny Walker‘s sustainable development group
  • Roger Niven always brings a poetic touch to his reflections
  • The Writers’ Group remains a bright spot for Shelagh Doonan and many others 
  • AMED in Scotland was appreciated by Sheila James and Iain Graydon
  • Fond memories of the early days from Tony Page and Bruce Nixon
  • Has AMED had its day? ask Jack Martin Leith and Terry Gibson

Weare also scanning our ecosystem:

And we have book reviews:

And now, as promised, The Inquiry Continues …

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