Friends of AMED

Belina Raffy

From Belina Raffy, former chair.

What I loved about AMED were the open, porous, inclusive attitudes …

Let’s be on this journey to learn! (Never mind all those tedious membership grades and tests and hurdles.)

I loved the sustainable development group too. 

Penny Walker

Penny Walker used wipe-clean laminated sheets for exercises to walk her talk.  The group could get mired in definitions of sustainability but mostly had a really practical and positive focus. 

What does business need to look like given the state of the Planet?  

It feels surreal to me, that even now, businesses and other organisations talk about innovation without sustainability even appearing on the agenda when it should really be taking up most of it.  

All I do now is Sustainable Standup: improv and humour so we can talk seriously about this stuff without being  overcome with despair and falling into judgement and blame.  

How do we bring it all down to joyful and inspiring connection?  

Have we thought about alliances with, e.g. Alain de Botton and his School of Life

Have we tried podcasts: a great way to get a message out?    

Here are a couple of recent blogs so you can see what I’m up to:

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