Interdependence, CPD and technology

Rob Warwick

Rob Warwick responded to an earlier discussion about this draft of a proposed new home page:

Independence and interdependence

While I like the attention on independence, particularly in a world that seems hostile to challenging critical thought and ideas and where a home for thinking is increasingly important, is there something else too? What about ‘interdependence’, the fact that we rely on others as others rely on us?

AMED 2020

Would that chime with the humanistic agenda?

CPD or not CPD, that is the question

To what extent is CPD important to members who need to show they’re learning as part of their professional accreditation (e.g. CIPD)?  This reminds me of school after summer and the ‘show and tell’: ‘What did you do over the holidays?’ Anyway, is this important?  

Time and guilt

I value my involvement with AMED a lot and over the years, I have had more conversations that have affected my thought and practice that in any other group, particularly as I moved from one career to another. But there is a sense of guilt for me around time, I simply don’t have the time I feel I need to make the most of AMED, or (in the spirit of interdependence) offer others what they need.

While this is for me and my own priorities, it suggests a broader question: How might we use technology to support us more? I know it is not a complete solution but it can help.  So, in each of the six themes, how might technology help us? 

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