Organisations & People (O&P) – Business as unusual

Pauline Willis

Stepping into the role of editor, curator, and co-ordinator with Lauriate as the publisher for this journal is no small change for this publication. For more than two decades Bob MacKenzie and David McAra, themselves succeeding the colleagues who founded this publication, have nurtured hundreds of authors and guest editors. Providing encouragement, support, and opportunities for learning.

Whilst there is change, there is also continuity:  the key elements that make this publication unique will remain. If you are ready to explore, share and create for O&P, then get in touch with me,

Innovative CPD for academics, practitioners, deep thinkers, and reflectors

This innovative journal has always excited me because it is a co-created effort for the purpose primarily of continuous learning & sharing amongst a diverse community.

Contributions tap into key trends emerging for both academics and practitioners. Taking away the invisible and often artificial walls between disciplines, this journal is for those of you seeking new ideas for research and practice, without the traditional silos and boundaries. With this freedom, we can share knowledge, innovate, and use networking to facilitate collaboration. Some of the most exciting ideas and developments occur at the intersection!

If this sounds like a form of practice and professional or academic development you would like to explore, then you are welcome to join us for the continuing conversation!

A safe space for learning & sharing

Contributors published in past issues of O&P show how learning and ideas have developed over time. Sharing at the earliest stages as ideas are still forming takes no small measure of courage. Respect for all members of the community is key to our culture. Referencing of original sources of thinking that are often invisible to the wider world, being one of the benefits of thinking and sharing within a safe space.

Bringing people together through writing and other forms of creative expression, offers a powerful learning incubator for individuals, teams, or organisations, and when executed well produces magical experiences and outputs. 

The processes and practices we use in the creation of an O&P issue can also be applied directly in organisations as a form of L&D. Members of the AMED community are extending this approach to learning into their research and practice in organisations. Psychological safety is key to these collaborations.

As well as O&P gatherings, there are regular meetings of the AMED Community Writers Group for those who are looking for a place to connect with other authors, editors, and explorers who share passion for writing in the service of developing people and organisations. If you are interested in this special interest group, feel free to contact Bob at

A springboard for opportunities

Gatherings associated with the journal provide practitioners and academics to explore, meet prospective ‘critical friends’ for writing projects, as well as igniting energy for those who might be considering serving as authors or guest editors themselves.

Many authors, editors, and members of the AMED community have been able to both express new ideas or flex new skills and have also found opportunities and connections from this community leading to the publication of their works.

New ‘voices’ – writers, guest editors & explorers welcomed

Traditional artistic forms together with advances in technology offer many opportunities to weave art with science and evidence-based practice. Engaging with creative processes and connecting with the natural world also supports the expression of emotions and thoughts that are not yet ready for words.

The O&P Journal has been ahead of the curve with this trend, welcoming expression of self as well as working with art in practice. There are some evocative unconventional perspectives captured through artistic forms to be found in the archival treasure chest.

Whilst these forms of expression are not yet welcomed in all workplace cultures, there are many that encourage individual expression, and some that fully embrace artistic ideas and concepts with enthusiasm. Collaborations for writing, photography, performing, and recording a ‘song’ or ‘play’, live action ‘role play’ or creating visual art [traditional, virtual or hybrid] are all activities becoming more commonplace.  

This trend over the past decade or so, has involved people bringing more of what is often described as their ‘whole self’ to work. Post-pandemic, life and work are less separated, providing significant challenge as organisations struggle with a new ‘hybrid’ world, brings with it great scope for the creation of healthier individual, team, and organisational identities.

If you are ready to explore, share and create for O&P, do get in touch with